Real Members Experience

Our agency has been around since 1944 and already had multiple appointments with well known carriers. We joined in 2014 because we recognized the increased value and negotiating strength that SIANO and SIAA provides. Our affiliation improved our profit margins and strengthened our carrier relationships, while maintaining our independence.

Rob Slowey, Slowey Insurance Agency, Member Since 2014

I joined SIA of Northern Ohio for the access to companies and products my agency would have. With insurance markets being so competitive, it's hard to deal with only one carrier. I always tried to write commercial insurance at my previous captive agency but was limited on what we could place due to the small appetite.

Brendt Miller, Commonwealth Insurance, Member Since 2017

It's true. Those first few months when you start your new agency are scary. But knowing that I had the support of the entire SIANO team has made it easier. They've been here to provide me with guidance and peace of mind throughout the process – working with me to share their experiences, or just listening while I walked myself through the decision-making process. Because of this team, I've been able to get my business up and running – and start focusing on revenue-generating activities – much quicker.

Dan Lindsley, Lindsley Insurance Agency, Member Since 2016

Having the ability to reach out to multiple companies, directly with carriers we knew, but also having access to other carriers beyond that, provided more options to write business. In addition to the carrier access, some of the profit-sharing and quarterly bonus opportunities offered were attractive. Standing alone, we might not have been able to qualify for those bonuses. And finally, through the network, we have been able to meet people from other agencies, companies and vendors.

Nancy Kelly, Bay Shore Insurance Agency, Member Since 2014

It’s taken a lot of hard work to start over, but I now have the freedom and independence to create my company - the way I want to. And, I’m making more money as an independent agency on each and every policy than I was in my prior life as a captive agent – making that rebuilding process quicker.

Jeff Babin, Beacon Insurance Group, Member Since 2012

Through our affiliation with SIA of Northern Ohio, we have been able to earn increased revenue while accessing multiple competitive markets. This has allowed us to grow faster than our competition while maintaining our independence and the ability to offer our clients choice.

Jason White, Diversified Insurance Concepts, Member Since 2010

I figured out early in my career what I wanted to be and knew I had about another 25 years ahead of me. I realized my own personal growth might get stunted because I wasn't the decision maker. I took a leap of faith and decided that owning my own agency made more sense than working for someone else.

TJ Worsencroft, Navigate Risk Advisors, Member Since 2015

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