Unlike some competitors, we offer a plethora of training programs,

on-site mentoring and digital development to set you up for success.

Education and Training

While the majority of the business our members write is through direct appointments, members can also submit accounts through the SIANO Access Plus department. Members can quote and bind policies with almost every carrier that partners with SIANO. This provides a member the ability to win accounts they may lose otherwise, but also provides an opportunity for a member to get direct appointments by demonstrating production. This is all done at a compensation split that is higher than the typical wholesale solution.

SIANO has a full-time employee designed to help agencies improve their sales and profitability. Examples of things they have repeatedly helped Members with include; 5 year performance projections based on your goals, Foundation training from Captive to IA, new hire training, on-site mentoring and consulting, etc. 

SIANO offers workshops and webinars centered around technology and efficiency solutions available to help agencies improve their digital infrastructure and knowledge. 

Because members share in the success of our group profit sharing, SIANO can provide assistance with proper book management practices.  We monitor losses and review risk analytics to identify unhealthy book trends and work with agencies to achieve profitability.

SIANO provides access to several life programs and offers a benefits partner for members to work with when needed. Both SIAA and SIANO offer solutions at the high end of the compensation scale and with an easy and efficient submission process.

SIANO has developed a proven fast-track system that is designed to help new members become successful and profitable in the independent channel. This development program is provided as a part of the first 60 days as a member and helps create a solid base for a member to maximize their profit and build wealth.

SIAA National
Education and Training

SIAA offers an on-demand video learning library with training tracks designed for specific roles within the agency. This training resource is designed to help member agencies increase growth, income and value and also assists member agencies in preparing for the future.

SIAA offers a step-by-step program designed to efficiently build a targeted commercial lines book of business. This course is designed to help agencies (or a producer) learn how to write commercial insurance. This is the perfect springboard to start rounding your agency book. SIAA offers 3-4 classes per year.

Premier Families is a self-study program.  Those taking the program will learn how to identify, market and service personal lines high-value accounts.  The class includes useful carrier and coverage information.  This self-study program is designed to help member agencies become the trusted advisor to high value personal lines clients.

Access SIAA insurance programs that are available exclusively to member agencies. This program platform offers easy access, a streamlined submission process and niche program opportunities that aren't available to most traditional agencies.

An exclusive, web-based resource for member agencies to access numerous excess and surplus lines and specialty markets, as well as Strategic Partner program business.

Never have to pay for continuing education courses again or lose your staff for the day while attending classroom CE! Through the Training & Learning Center, SIAA offers continuing education courses and credits available at no additional charge.

SIANO wants to help you grow faster and earn more.

Here are some of the ways we can help your agency do that.

Jack Hertvik

SIANO President — Jack Hertvik

I can help with...

Agency Operations

Carrier Relationships

Acquisition Consulting 

Employee Compensation & Hiring

Perpetuation Planning

An example of how I help:

I develop relationships with our carriers that are benficial to all of our agent partners.  I strive to put together the best compensation plans with a carrier.  I strive to reduce the premium commitments that a carrier requires for a direct appointment.

With over 20 years of experience working with various insurance agencies, I have seen a lot.  Whether it is the countless acquisitions I have helped with or all the times I've helped to make sure an agency has the right staff, I put my experience to work for you.

Russell Durst

Agency Development Field Specialist— Russ Durst

I can help with...

New Member Onboarding

Marketing Plan Development

Agency Operations

Carrier Appointments

SIAA Agency Services

An example of how I help:

When a new partner agency joins SIANO, I am there to help facilitate reaching their growth objectives.  For agents that are starting a brand new agency I help them to establish their foundation with automation set-up, carrier appointments, and agency operations.  For existing agencies I help identify additional markets that support growth and streamline their business.  I am here to help agencies strive to do better throughout their relationship with us.

Ryan Cole SIA Of Northern Ohio

Regional Vice President — Ryan Cole

I can help with...

Enhancing Agency Revenue

Increased Market Access

Carrier Relationships

Book Rolls

Agency Operations

An example of how I help:

Every agency is unique. What works for one agency is not what works for another. Whether it is an existing agency looking to increase their revenue, a producer who wants to start being their own boss, or a captive agent who would like to increase their independence, I can help layout a roadmap to get an agency to where they want to take it next.

Michelle Cario

Access Plus Manager — Michelle Cario

I can help with...

Writing Commercial & Personal Lines Accounts

ACORD Submission Training

Creating Sales Proposals

Remarketing Renewals

Commercial & Personal Lines Operations

An example of how I help:

I am an extension of your agency.  If you are looking for the best market in which to place a particular risk, I can help you find it.

Making sure that you write business is important to me, and I will use all of my knowledge, resources and experience to help you do just that.

Tiffany Mekeel

Compliance & Accounting Manager — Tiffany Mekeel

I can help with...

Accounting Issues

Bonus Payment Questions


Reporting Training

1099 Questions

An example of how I help:

Our partner agents are always surprised by how completely transparent our bonus payments are handled.  However, there are a lot of them.  Some months we receive more than 50 different bonus payments from various deals we have.   I can help agents to make sure that they are able to see exactly what was due to them each month so they understand exactly where their money is coming from!

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