SIANO wants to help you grow faster and earn more.

Here are some of the ways we can help your agency do that.

Jack Hertvik

SIANO President — Jack Hertvik

I can help with...

Agency Operations

Carrier Relationships

Acquisition Consulting 

Employee Compensation & Hiring

Perpetuation Planning

An example of how I help:

I develop relationships with our carriers that are benficial to all of our agent partners.  I strive to put together the best compensation plans with a carrier.  I strive to reduce the premium commitments that a carrier requires for a direct appointment.

With over 20 years of experience working with various insurance agencies, I have seen a lot.  Whether it is the countless acquisitions I have helped with or all the times I've helped to make sure an agency has the right staff, I put my experience to work for you.

Russell Durst

Agency Development Field Specialist— Russ Durst

I can help with...

New Member Onboarding

Marketing Plan Development

Agency Operations

Carrier Appointments

SIAA Agency Services

An example of how I help:

When a new partner agency joins SIANO, I am there to help facilitate reaching their growth objectives.  For agents that are starting a brand new agency I help them to establish their foundation with automation set-up, carrier appointments, and agency operations.  For existing agencies I help identify additional markets that support growth and streamline their business.  I am here to help agencies strive to do better throughout their relationship with us.

Michelle Cario

Access Plus Manager — Michelle Cario

I can help with...

Writing Commercial & Personal Lines Accounts

ACORD Submission Training

Creating Sales Proposals

Remarketing Renewals

Commercial & Personal Lines Operations

An example of how I help:

I am an extension of your agency.  If you are looking for the best market in which to place a particular risk, I can help you find it.  

Making sure that you write business is important to me, and I will use all of my knowledge, resources and experience to help you do just that.

Tiffany Mekeel

Compliance & Accounting Manager — Tiffany Mekeel

I can help with...

Accounting Issues

Bonus Payment Questions


Reporting Training

1099 Questions

An example of how I help:

Our partner agents are always surprised by how completely transparent our bonus payments are handled.  However, there are a lot of them.  Some months we receive more than 50 different bonus payments from various deals we have.   I can help agents to make sure that they are able to see exactly what was due to them each month so they understand exactly where their money is coming from!

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