What is the biggest challenge your agency faced in the past year?
The biggest challenge for us has been the way we conduct meetings with new and current clients, transitioning away from in-person meetings to virtual Zoom meetings. The current pandemic has forced us to change the way we present quotes to new prospects and review policy renewals with existing clients. In a way it has been good because it allows us another form of communication to offer our clients and gives us even more flexibility for those clients who want the in person feel of a meeting through Zoom calls. The insurance industry is always changing, and we know we have to change as an agency as well to keep up.

Do you have a new tip or best practice you have learned and want to share?
We have really tried to grow as an agency through social media. Communicating our product and service offerings to the local community has been one of our top priorities. As a locally owned business, we want to be visible to the surrounding communities and one way to do that is through social media as well as being active in the community. Being active on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram have allowed us to reach more people throughout the community by posting insurance tidbits and fun facts about our agency.

Why are you an SIA of Northern Ohio member?
Being a member of SIA of Northern Ohio allows us even more carrier options and flexibility when it comes to finding a good fit for our clients. Being able to shop out coverages and rates with a wide range of carriers gives us an advantage over the agents who may only have one carrier to sell. Shopping for insurance is not on the top of everyone’s mind and it isn’t something people enjoy doing on a annual basis, so we take pride in being able to do the shopping for them to find the right protection they need and at the right price. This provides us leverage over the competition and allows us to fulfill our mission statement

What makes your agency unique?
We are an agency that strives on putting our clients’ needs first and being there for them when they need us most. Servicing our clients when it comes to claims, making policy changes or annual reviews is something we also strive to achieve. We know there are lots of options out there when it comes to insurance, so being an agency that truly takes care of our clients when they need it most is something that can set us apart from others.

What causes does your agency actively support?
We actively support and participate in a number of community-based and charity organizations including Wounded Warriors, Goodwill Industries of Ohio, McLaren St. Luke’s Hospital Foundation, Business Networking International, and Alzheimer’s Association.