Member Spotlight: Premier Planning Services Ltd.

Premier Planning Services Ltd. is an independent insurance and retirement agency out of Fremont, OH. The agency is owned by Robert Mooney, Paul Kozak, Jeff Mooney, and Derek Warren. Lucinda Gutierrez manages the Property & Casualty Division. What is the biggest challenge your agency faced in the past year?  The biggest challenge we faced was […]

Key Performance Indicator: Client Service Representative Workload

One of the greatest challenges for an agency owner is understanding an appropriate workload for client service representatives (CSR). For many agency owners knowing the benchmark for the number of clients, policies, or premium to service is a valuable Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Best practice numbers from a recent Big I study indicate average agencies […]

Member Spotlight: Russell Insurance & Investments

Russell Insurance & Investments is based in Strongsville, Ohio. The agency is owned by Ron Russell, Jeff Russell, and other partners. Tony Larizza manages the agency operations, and along with Kristen Perzel handles all sales and servicing. What is the biggest challenge your agency faced in the past year? The biggest challenge that we faced […]

Key Performance Indicator: Producer New Business Commission and Average Book Size

One of the most common questions that agency owners ask about their producers is how they are doing compared to their peers. Is the new business commission they are bringing in more or less than average? Is their total book size similar to other producers? According to a recent Big I best practice studies, producers […]

Member Spotlight: KLT Insurance – North Ridgeville, Ohio

What is the biggest challenge your agency faced in the past year? The biggest challenges for KLT Insurance this first year has been learning to service policies without the trusted account manager that I had worked with the past five years. I did not realize how much I utilized her and how much she had […]

Key Performance Indicator: Revenue Per Employee

Understanding and tracking commission revenue per employee can be a valuable key performance indicator (KPI) and benchmark. For an agency owner, maximizing revenue per employee is also critical in driving healthy operating margins. For producers and accounts managers/CSRs, it can be useful in evaluating individual performance and value to the agency. According to best practice […]

Member Spotlight: Buckeye Insurance Partners

What is the biggest challenge your agency faced in the past year? The biggest challenge we’ve experienced over the past year was purchasing an agency and then integrating that book of business into my current business. Beyond the actual purchase, which involved quite a bit itself, we had to be efficient as we connected with […]

Member Spotlight: BCA Insurance Group

What is the biggest challenge your agency faced in the past year? The biggest challenge for us has been the way we conduct meetings with new and current clients, transitioning away from in-person meetings to virtual Zoom meetings. The current pandemic has forced us to change the way we present quotes to new prospects and […]

Key Performance Indicator: Close Ratio

Successful agents track and understand close ratios as a critical KPI (key performance indicators) to help determine where to focus sales and marketing efforts. The challenge is knowing what constitutes an optimal close rate. Top-performing agents with sufficient lead sources, targeted focus, and a solid portfolio of carriers can consistently drive 40% to 70% close […]

Key Performance Indicator: Average Policies Per Customer

Independent insurance agencies typically average anywhere from 1.3 – 1.7 policies per customer. High-performing multi-line agencies exceed an average of 2 policies per customer. Knowing and monitoring this number may help identify initiatives to improve your agency’s success. It is one of the easiest KPIs (key performance indicators) to calculate. Simply take your total policies […]

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