Our agency has been around since 1944 and already had multiple appointments with well-known carriers. We joined in 2014 because we recognized the increased value and negotiating strength that SIA of Northern Ohio provides. Our affiliation improved our profit margins and strengthened our carrier relationships while maintaining our independence.

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Collective Strength Delivers More

We are stronger together. With over $8.9 billion in written premium and over 8,000 partner agencies nationwide, SIAA is the largest alliance of independent insurance agencies in the United States. Our collective strength delivers profitable growth and benefits to our carrier partners that is unmatched by any organization, including:

  • A greater opportunity for growth
  • Access to a large variety of tools and resources
  • A knowledge-base of professionals
  • Reassurance of being backed by a stable network of industry experts
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SIA Profit Sharing

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Most agents are compensated in one, maybe two, ways. They get commissions and possibly a profit sharing check. At SIA of Northern Ohio we provide FIVE levels of compensation that an agency can earn.

Most carriers provide their agents with annual profit sharing. However, many require as much as $500,000 in premium just to qualify for the smallest bonus. SIA of Northern Ohio members are eligible for higher payouts based on our collective size, regardless of their individual size. This type a bonus is paid on both a local and national level so agents can potentially qualify for two profit sharing bonuses.

Based on our collective performance, SIA of Northern Ohio and SIAA negotiate additional incentives that may be tied to achieving certain growth goals or new policies sold. These incentives, when earned collectively, are paid out to all contributing member agencies.

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Increase Your Independence

Each year, independent insurance agencies that partner with SIA of Northern Ohio have more opportunities to represent the most competitive companies, grow their business, earn more income, and increase their independence. It is the stability of our organization and strength in our partner agencies that drives our success! The group's success is built upon four pillars of SIAA:

  • Company Access
  • Enhanced Revenue
  • Alternative Market Access & Placement
  • Agency Development & Support Services
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